Urban Witches - Desi Jadugarniyan!

Project Brief

Tara bibi, a well-known jadugarni fed up with the monotony of her jadu business in village, dealing with the same families doing and undoing her own jadu on them, decided it was time for a change! She seeks career growth and then Mai Gul Jamalo, an old friend of Bibi also, one of the most deadliest Jadugarni of villages across Sindh recognizing her potential, advised a move to the city for endless opportunities!!! there they met Hajjan Hajra aka the Dum wali baji, who offered her assistance. The trio hatched a plan to boost their jadui business: However, their tactics took an unforeseen turn when Mai Gul Jamalo came up with the plan that Tara bibi would allure a child and use her magic, making him sick, and then the Dum wali baji would step in with her spiritual healing, offering her services to the child's worried parent! And Tada!!! a seemingly perfect plan for profit-sharing. Little did they know, their use of kiddos as pawns in this magical comedy brought unexpected and uproarious consequences to their profit-sharing escapade! Hope you enjoy the cute littul artwork I made, I throughly enjoyed creating it, I guess with storytellibf, character design to exploring the expressions and all I remembered why I loved creating artworks in the first place!!! I guess 2024 will be the year I return! INSHAALLAH


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