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Artwork: “History Repeats Itself”
Qurrat ul Ain Hyder, was one of the most celebrated authors of Urdu literature, Her novel “Aag ka darya” is considered a masterpiece and it has been described as “one of the Indian Subcontinent’s best known novels'. The novel emphasizes on the theme History repeats itself. Her vast knowledge about history and human psychology is commendable, how the novel draws attention towards the different historical periods from the Mauryan Empire to Mughal’ Era to British Raj and concluding to 1947 partition. As “History repeats itself,”, the novel contains the characters with similar names and recurring circumstances, what remains constant throughout is the suffering and learning that comes with the journey. The artwork itself is an effort to capture the overlapping of time and history by emphasizing on clockworks and different historical periods of the subcontinent The artwork is from a series of illustrations that are a part of an exhibit "Poets, Writers and Philosophers" at the National history Museum, Lahore curated by The Citizens Archive of Pakistan. An exhibition that pays homage to the remarkable poetic, literary and philosophical heritage of Pakistan. The exhibition features interactive displays, oral history narratives, illustrations and historical photographs on the works of notable poets, writers and philosophers. The National History Museum is a project of Parks and Horticulture Authority, Government of Punjab, curated by The Citizens Archive of Pakistan. The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultural and historic preservation, operating in Sindh and Punjab. We seek to educate the community, foster an awareness of our nation’s history and instill pride in Pakistani citizens about their heritage.


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