Sohni Mahiwal


Another popular tragic romance is Sohni Mahiwal. The legend says that a charming girl was born to a potter named Tulla, in Gujrat, Punjab. During that time, Gujrat, located on Chenab, was a caravan-serai on the trade route between Delhi and Bukhara (Uzbekistan) It is said that the shop of Sohni’s father was near Rampyari Mahal by the river Chenab. Sohni would perform the task of giving her artistic touch to the pots and get them ready for sale. Izzat Baig of Bukhara, a rich and promising trader who lost his heart to Sohni at first sight. Soon, Sohni also started cherishing the thoughts of Izzat Baig, and their romance took off on a high note. As Izzat Baig took up the chore of a servant and herder in his beloved’s household just to see her, he acquired the sobriquet Mahiwal (one who herds buffaloes). But, even though the lovers were eager to marry each other, their parents played tricks to separate them. Many variations of the folktale of Sohni Mahiwal are available online to read. A Lot of movies have also been made on their tragic love story.


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