Sassi Punno


Dastan e Ishq brings you a soul stirring love story from the land of Sindh and mountains of Balochistan, a love that knows no bounds. The lyrical folk tale of Sassi Punnu is one of the seven popular tales of the great sufi saint poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai that he immortalized in his work. In keeping with Sufi tradition, he penned the tales not just as earthly love affairs but as examples of eternal love and divine union. The tragic tale of these lovers is the interracial folktale that resounding echo of the arid Baloch mountains, the dry, hot, sandy air wafting in the Thar Desert and the pleasing fragrance of Sindh. Sassi was the daughter of King of Bhambore, Sindh. The king and the queen were ecstatic upon the birth of their only daughter but fate has something else stored for Sassi, the prophecy was given that Sassi when older will bring shame to her royal prestige.. The couple was disheartened and so they placed their child in a wooden box and threw it in river Indus. Later the box was found by a washerman couple who believed that God blessed them and sent them an angel. They raised Sassi as their own. Punnu was the youngest son of King Mir Hoth Khan son of Mir Jalal Khan the main Baloch leader and elder of Talpur, Rind, Lashari, Hoth, Khosa and Marri people of toda\y. Punnu disguised himself as a merchant who sells perfumes, went to Bhambore and saw Sassi, their eyes met and they both fell in love. Sassi’s parents agreed on getting them married, it was Punnu’s family who had reservations against their prince son marrying a daughter of a mere washerman. They refused but Punnu stood firm in his decision and took Sassi as his bride. The story takes a tragic turn when Punnu’s brother intoxicated him and tooks him away, Sassi roamed in the desert of Sindh looking for her husband crying”Punnu Punnu!” and eventually gave up her life protecting her honor from lustful men. Punnu, on the other hand, when realizes what his family had done leaves them feeling betrayed and heartbroken in search of his beloved wife Sassi and he passes away as well. There are few articles available online about Sassi Punnu’s epic love tale and also it has been adapted into movies as well.


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