Oon Ja Jadu


Farah Shah


Embark on an enchanting adventure with 'Oon Ka Jadu,' a story unfolding in the scenic Chitral. Follow Hawwa and Shalai as they dive into a magical quest, unveiling the ancient craftsmanship of their village, Mough. Tucked away in the picturesque Chitral region, 'Oon ka Jadu' reveals the skill behind crafting Shu, a traditional woolen cloth. I, the illustrator, along with author Farah Shah and Maqbool Academy, bring you this captivating tale as part of the Pakistan Literacy Project. This initiative, a collaboration between RTR (Room To Read) and ITA (Idara-eTaleem-o-Agahi), aims to publish 15 Children Picture books in Urdu, showcasing the rich crafts, culture, and history of Pakistan. Under the expert guidance of Rumana Hussain, a distinguished illustrator and author with over three decades of experience in children's literature, and Mahesh Pathirathna, the global literacy director with more than two decades of experience in children's literature, these 15 books were created. Developed with the close supervision of 15 talented illustrators and writers, each story in this project takes readers on a journey to explore the beauty surrounding our culture. Written by Farah Shah Illustrations by Abeer Kasiri


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