Noori Jam Tamachi


As we come towards the end of the series, Dastan e Ishq brings you one of the most beautiful love story from the land and lake of Sindh The lyrical folk tale of Noori Jam Tamachi is one of the seven queens of the great sufi saint poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai that he immortalized in his work, “Shah Jo Risalo’. Being the only Queen of Bhitai whose life doesn't end in tragedy even being part of tragic tales of Sindhi literature, Noori Jam Tamachi is an expression of hope and divine love. A love so pure that it is till date reflected through the dome of Noori’s tomb in the middle of Keenjhar Lake built by her husband King Jam Tamachi as a tribute to his love and her loyalty towards her land. King Jam Tamachi was a famous Samma prince, a ruler of Sindh, Thatta, Pakistan. There are three lakes lying between Jherruk and Thatta, called the Keenjhar, the Chholmari and Sonahri. On the banks of Keenjhar, broken walls are still visible that mark the site of an old fishing village. Noori was the daughter of a fisherman who lived in a village near Keenjhar Lake, her life revolved around helping her father with the work and sitting beside lake, observing the shimmery waves of the lake. She knew nothing else and was unaware of what lies ahead. The legend says that when Noori was born her face shone so right that it felt like the village was filled with light, hence she was named Noori. (Noor jesi) When the King was visiting the village, he fell in love with Noori. It was not surprising for anyone when they got to know about Jam Tamachi’s love interest, Noori! How can anyone not love the most beautiful and kind lady of the village. They got married with the blessings of the villagers. It was not Noori’s beauty that made her Jam’s favorite Queen, it was her humble and kind nature. It was her simplicity and devotion towards her loved ones and her compassion that made Jam fall for her every passing moment. He, unlike other lovers, celebrated his love in his life. He accepted and expressed his devotion and passion for his Queen Noori. Those are fortunate who realize the value of love before losing it. Jam Tamachi was that onehuman who valued the beautiful emotion and appreciated it. Noori Jam Tamachi is one of my favorite tales! Because it rekindles hope. This legend has been narrated countless times and is often used as a metaphor for divine love by Sufis, that humility is a great thing and is meant to rise in the favour of the creator. When you are grateful, He,the Lord bless you more! The key is to be kind and grateful! This is what every dastan taught us! To love, to be grateful, to be kind and to appreciate every moment while you have it!


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