Moomal Rano


Dastan e Ishq brings you the epic love ballad from the land of Sindh, Moomal Rano ---------------------- The fame of the story is ascribed to Ganj or Shah Jo Risalo; the poetry book Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai wrote, which also included other stories like Umar Marui, Sohni Mehar, Sassui Punhun, Noori Jam Tamachi, Sorath Rai Diyach and Lilan Chanesar. The story of Moomal and Rano captured the imagination of poets and artists for a long time. You can find their story painted on the Marri and Jamali tombs in Sanghar and Qambar-Shahdadkot. The story is considered to have occurred in the geographical belts of Rajasthan, India as well as Sindh, Pakistan. The belt that covers Rajasthan in relation to the story is Lodrawa or Lodhruva in Jaisalmer, now India while the area in Sindh is Momal Ji Maari (Moomal's Mansion) and her father's house in Ghotki. The story occurred in the times of Hameer Soomro, the King of Umerkot or Amarkot, now a district in the south-east of Sindh province in Pakistan, possibly in the mid-14th century. The story is a combination of both fact and fiction. The names of places related to the tale are real. However, the ideas of magic, enchanting and how Rano was able to travel so fast from Umerkot to Lodhruva almost everyday to see his beloved makes it a legend and one of the most beautiful love story but like any other folktale that we have the story of Moomal Rano takes a tragic turn when the misunderstanding develops between the lover and Rano abandon his beloved. Moomal in despair burns herself and when Rano came to learn this, he followed her in the same flames and got consumed by the same fate and that immortalized their love. There are few articles available online about Moonal Rano's epic love tale and also it has been adapted into movies as well. The tale had been translated into different languages and @sketchesartofficial had also covered Dastaan e Moomal Rano in @coke_studio season 11.


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