Hani Shah Mureed


Dastan e Ishq brings you the tragic and eternal love story from Balochistan Hani and Shah Mureed is a beloved epic ballad of Balochi folklore.The story mirrors the life of the Baloch heroes and their emotions and philosophical ideas (God, evil, predestination).The celebrated characters of the story, Shah Mureed and Hani are symbols of pure and tragic love. The story dates back to the 15th century, which is considered to be the heroic age of Balochistan and the classical period of Balochi literature Shah Mureed was the son of Sheh Mubarak, the chief of the Kahiri tribe. At that time when a man was known for his arts, Murid was famous as having mastered the art of swordsmanship, horsemanship, and archery. For his skills and bravery he was ranked the highest in the army of Mir Chakar Khan Rind, the chief of the Kahiri army. Mureed’s bow made of steel was so heavy that he was known as the “Lord of the Iron Bow”, because none but he alone could draw and shoot arrows from it. Hani was the daughter of the Rind noble Mir Mandaw, some say she was Mureed’s cousin. Regardless they were together since childhood and loved each other dearly even before they understood the meaning of love. Hani was a paragon of loyalty and devotion. Everyone knew her for her good character and chastity. Hani was engaged to Shah Mureed The love story takes a tragic turn in the end. There are few articles available online about this epic love story.


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