Breaking the Bias Women's Day 2022


This illustration is an ode to how strong WOMEN are and always had been. Throughout the years the society have glamorized abuse, social pressure and norms. They have glamorized how women is an epitome of sacrifice and compromise and byelevating us to the level of this 'Goddess of Sacrifice and Love' they took away our voices, rights, resoect and dignity. Not that we arent not EPITOME OF KINDNESS but that SHOULDNT LIMIT TO JUST WOMEN, EVERY HUMAN MUST BE KIND AND LEARN LOVE. Its about time we take what is ours, through our strength, resilience and voices. Lets Break the Bias together, I personally know do many women who are breaking the cycle of abuse, patriarchy and so much more. To those who stood for themselves know that I SEE YOU, WE SEE YOU! YOU ARE AMAZING! YOU ARE KIND YOU GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD


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