“Bol!- Freedom of Expression”


“Bol ke lab azad hain tere,
Bol ye thora waqt buhat hai
Jism o jaan ki mout se pehle
Bol ke sach zinda hai ab tak,
Bol, jo kuch kehna hai keh le!”
The timeless nazm “Bol” was written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz when he was in prison, despite all the circumstances he faced, his hope had never faded. He still wrote and voiced himself and the nation. The nazm depicts his courage and strength in those circumstances and how he held onto hope and his beliefs. Bol ke lab azaad hain tere describes the prison bars which tried holding him but failed as his nazms became the anthem of the nation. The artwork is from a series of illustrations that are a part of an exhibit "Poets, Writers and Philosophers" at the National history Museum, Lahore curated by The Citizens Archive of Pakistan. An exhibition that pays homage to the remarkable poetic, literary and philosophical heritage of Pakistan. The exhibition features interactive displays, oral history narratives, illustrations and historical photographs on the works of notable poets, writers and philosophers. The National History Museum is a project of Parks and Horticulture Authority, Government of Punjab, curated by The Citizens Archive of Pakistan. The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultural and historic preservation, operating in Sindh and Punjab. We seek to educate the community, foster an awareness of our nation’s history and instill pride in Pakistani citizens about their heritage.


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