Beebagr Granaz


Dastan e Ishq brings you another gem from Balochi literature. Beebagr was the nephew of Meer Chakar Khan Rind Baloch. He was one of the most popular poets of the early era of Balochi poetry. He got fame because of his ever-living poetry and his deep knowledge. He was strictly against the rivalries among Balochis. Beebagr played an important role in the eradication of the longest war of Baloch which lasted thirty years between Rind and Lashari tribes. He knew that the consequences of the war would contribute to many losses for the Baloch in future. He was labelled as a coward by Meer Chakar since he suggested ending the war. When he and Granaz eloped from Kandahar, they sought refuge from Meer Gwahram, though Gwahram was of the enemy tribe but according to Balochi customs and traditions Gwahram was compelled to give asylum to the couple with full security. After giving Beebagr and Granaz asylum, he sent Meer Chakar message that Beebarg and Granaz are in deep trouble and King of Kandahar is calling a war upon them so they both must forget their enmity and stand united against the common enemy” King of Kandahar''. Beebagr knew that this would be the start of a bloodshed war in history. Since he always tried to maintain peace and was against the wars, he himself went to the king at night and said, “I am Beebagr and I don’t want any war to take place because of me. You can announce whatever punishment you like, I will accept it wholeheartedly.” King was highly impressed by this courageous act of Beebagr, not just that he called off the war he hugged and realized that he won’t be able to search for someone better than him for his daughter. The King then got both of them married.


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